Information and frequent questions

Wedding cakes are the responsibility of the Bride and Groom due to their personal wants and tastes.

Photography - Use anyone you want. References available. Some take more time.

Food  (Notice) We do not cater.

Use your own or hire outside catering - You are responsible for cleaning and serving and packaging leftovers.

Remember Your Food Requires - Your plates, cups, and forks and servers.

No on site food prepping - bring in and put it out only !

 What time can the Bakery and Florist deliver to the Chapel?  Only during your rental time.

 Can we arrive before the scheduled rental time?  No, you must arrive at the start of your rental time.

Is dancing allowed?  Yes

 Do we need to bring our own music?  Yes if you want anything out of the ordinary.  We have standard ceremony music.

 How long does a wedding take?  It depends on the components. It depends on picture time (before and after)-How long the ceremony is.  What you do at the reception such as dance or garter toss or bouquet toss.

What you do before such as decorating or bringing in food and the occasional waiting on the lost family member to arrive. Don't forget the clothes changing and cleanup (if required) before you leave. It's all about the number of hours you will need to set-up, do it, tear down and don't forget the day before in case you need time for a rehearsal  or hairdressing for your party.  Many things determine time.  Timing issues can be best handled with a coordinator. 

 If you start late and problems compound you may go over your time and have to purchase more. 

No rice or confetti or sparklers and silly string.

No Alcohol allowed.  Toast only 1 or 2 bottles of wine or champagne allowed.

Don't bring a case for 10 people. 

No drugs allowed

Smoking outside only! Thankyou


No Alcohol allowed except for toast.






Crowning Moments does silk or live flowers --Talk to Kathy