Reservations & Policies

A Non-refundable reservation fee of $300 is required to reserve the Chapel, Gazebo and Reception Hall for your date.  The 10 Hour package requires $500 deposit for your date.  The balance of the package is due 30 days prior to the event.  All upgrades must be paid two weeks before the event.  All payments must be made by the due date or reservation / deposits will be forfeited and the event considered cancelled.

Cancellation Policy -  Reservation Fees are non-refundable.

Package Fees are not refundable for any reason.

Postponements & Date Changes must be made in writing 90 days before the event and subject to availability and a Change Fee of $100.00


If your event go's over the time you have allowed- each overage is subject to a $125.00 fee per hour.  Example 4 hr event runs over into the 5th hour- Charge is $125 per hour.  So if your Hair, Photo, Music people or Food Catering needs an extra hour you pay for an extra hour or more.

Rehearsal 1 hour is part of the package if needed.

Crowning Moments liability shall be no greater than charged for the item defaulting.  Crowning Moments shall not be held responsible for any act of nature- (weather) or conditions caused by acts of nature such as Power Failures or Road Hazards etc.  Crowning Moments owners will be held harmless, including any attorney fees and cost incurred, from all claims, demands, suits or judgments from using the Chapel, Gazebo or Reception Hall area, surrounding property, Home or children's area including but not limited to any damages incurred, injury, or even death.  All children 10 and under require adult supervision at all times.

Crowning Moments owners shall not be held responsible for any loss, stolen, missing or damaged property incurred by you or your guest.